This morning sometime in the middle of my U.S. history class, I got an email with about the best news I could hope for. It was an email from Mrs. and Mr. Polocka, telling me that I  am going to stay with them during my first months in Germany. When I opened the email and … More Berlin

Post Exchange

I’ve been back for more than a month, and am approaching my second month home. Life at home is hard and strange. I am consumed by homesickness far more than I was when I left home. I find myself thinking always of what I had three months ago. Tomorrow will be a month since I … More Post Exchange

I’m Back

It’s been forever since I have last blogged and I have been dreading finally sitting down and writing about it. A ton has happened and I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the last month. I went to my last orientation. Hopefully the second to last time that I’ll see all of the people … More I’m Back

6 months

The 23rd of February marked my being here for 6 months. It’s been absolutely fantastic. I have met so many people from all over the world, which I think is the best part of exchange. I can’t really say that I’ve seen exotic locales, because to be honest, northern Germany looks a lot like the … More 6 months


Last Saturday I went to a concert at the Sophienkirche, a relatively small and un-prestigious place to host an event, or so one would think. I had talked with my host dad a little bit about it before we went, and it turns out that Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at this church in 1964. … More Sophienkirche

Some stuff

The Oldies are gone now. Peter and Jess are back in Australia. Harry is back with his family but his exchange is over. Soon enough me and the other boys will be oldies. It is more a thought that ages me more than I would like to admit and I’m sure if I looked hard … More Some stuff

New Year’s

Today is the first day of 2018. It kind of has me a bit screwed up because the first few months of the year always seem to go by faster than the other months and I don’t want my exchange to come to an end. One of my oldies is leaving in 11 days and … More New Year’s

Christmas ramblings

Tomorrow I’m going to France with my host family. Since they are French we will be spending time with my host-moms family around Lyon and Auvergne. I’m really excited to go see more and do stuff but I’m also getting the holiday slumps. I miss my family and want to be there for the holidays … More Christmas ramblings