Oldies Leaving & Khrizya moving in

It’s this time that the oldies, the exchange students from Australia and New Zealand, go home. It’s kinda sad but I suppose it’s the way that exchange goes. I’ve had a lot of great memories with them. Peter, from Melbourne, along with Dudu from Brasil, was one of the first exchange students I met here in Berlin. I spent almost all of Paris tour with Jess, Gen, and Christian. I literally couldn’t have met a more wild guy than Harry. Exchange has been worth just meeting these guys, and they have definitely earned lasting places in not only my memory, but all the exchange students here.


Jess stealing my phone for a garbo selfie at Versailles


Chrissy throwing up vape naysh in Paris


One of the best pictures of Peter from the Bus ride to Paris


Gen in the back left, chrissy on the right, and Emily from canada in the front of the Eiffel Tower


From left to right, Kieren, Harry, and Peter.


Also another exchange student, Khrizya, from Peru, moved into my host family’s house today. It’s hecka lit. This is us at the Lourve



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