Christmas ramblings

Tomorrow I’m going to France with my host family. Since they are French we will be spending time with my host-moms family around Lyon and Auvergne. I’m really excited to go see more and do stuff but I’m also getting the holiday slumps. I miss my family and want to be there for the holidays but I also just want to stay here. I low-key just don’t want to go home. I enjoy it here so much. It’s so easy to travel and go anywhere. My bus ticket to Hamburg cost me 11 euros. I think about where I could go if I just had a couple hundred euros. Prague? Rome? The oldies from Australia and New Zealand are leaving soon and it makes me think of what it’s like when I will leave. I don’t want to. I want to stay with my friends here. Maybe I’m just a little psyched out because of the holidays though.


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