I went to the Neues Museum (new museum) with my host dad yesterday. The museum has a collection of stuff from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Celtic cultures of central Europe. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures of the bust of Nefertiti, the most famous object, because all photography is forbidden in the room with the bust. I thought it was amazing that the statue had maintained its color for so many thousands of years. It was also really cool how much definition and detail could be seen in clay tablets after thousands of years. In the room of Nefertiti’s bust, there was a black copy of the statue as well, so that blind people could see what the statue would be like, which I thought was very cool ad nice. In the Celtic section there was a very tall hat made out of gold that was also very interesting.


The designs along the sides of the hat correspond to lunar or solar cycles, so it is actually an example of astronomical knowledge. It was buried in the ground with some ax heads as part of a religious ceremony I think.


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