Some stuff

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while because of some issues at home. My host family and Mariana haven’t gotten along very well, so Mariana is now staying with a different family. Needless to say, this made life in my family’s home a bit tense. Things are better now.

I’ve went around today and visited a few museums. The weather was great today, or at least better than it has been. A while ago there was a really heavy storm that knocked over a bunch of trees and put some of the public transportation out of use. I also went back to the Berlin Cathedral to take more pictures, since the day I went wasn’t the prettiest. Some of the pictures I took also weren’t as good as I wanted.


I went to the museums of German history and a gallery of greek art. I didn’t take any pictures in the German history museum because the lighting was not so great. I did take some at the greek art museum though.