First Day of School

I just finished my first day of school. It was really strange because i could leave the school to go get lunch and then we got out of class 15  minutes before noon. We started at 8 and I was really anxious at first. All of the people around me were talking German too fast for me to understand and it was loud and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. It was better once we got into our class though. On Mondays I have English, gym, German, and history/geography. There is another exchange student who shares most of my classes. Her name is Tonahlli. She comes from Baja California in Mexico. During our break that we took for lunch, we went to a cafe and I had a sandwich. She had some coffee. Right now its 1 o’clock. I might write more tonight but I’m not sure. My exchange sister, Mariana has an intensive German course that she goes to but that I do not go to. I might go to a more advanced class later but I’m not sure right now.