The End of Summer

Today is the last day of summer. Tomorrow is my first day of school in Germany. I’m not really sure how to feel about it. I mean I know I should probably be anxious but I’m not really I’m just excited to see how it’s different and to meet people. I’ve heard from people that German school isn’t great for exchange students because you have to go out of your way to make friends with people, but I don’t really care.

I went to a mid-afternoon lunch party kinda thing today. I met my counselor, Patrick, and my exchange sister, mariana, met hers. We also met other families hosting exchange students as well as two exchange students themselves, one from Peru and the other from Brazil. I haven’t been doing much the past few days. Me and Mariana went out with other exchange students and walked down the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery. Other than that I have mostly been reading and relaxing until school starts. IMG_20170826_171151596_HDR.jpgIMG_20170826_171254448_HDR.jpgIMG_20170826_171650511.jpgIMG_20170826_171939880_HDR.jpg