The Upcoming Week

I’m not doing much this next week until the weekend. I might hang out with friends a bit but nothing much more special than that. The weekend is going to be super fun though. Saturday I’m going down to Indy with friends to watch DCI. DCI is basically professional marching band without woodwinds. It’s an absolutely fantastic thing to watch and has some of the best music to listen to. For example, I was able to see a performance of the show “Felliniesque” by the Blue Devils in 2014. The World Championship performance of Felliniesque has the highest score for any drum corps in the world, or at least was at the time. It’s incredible to see and hear musicians that able to play while practically running across a football field. I would suggest to anyone that it would be worth it to at least go to one of the smaller DCI shows to hear some of the corps. On Sunday I am having a little party with family and friends before I leave. I’m really anxious because it’s only about two weeks away. Crazy to think of how time flies. Not that long ago I remember it being months away. Can’t wait to see all of my friends and family soon.