The past two Months

I know I haven’t posted anything for the past two months or so but that is going to change rather soon. I’m hoping to start writing more at least this next week with the parade going to be wrapped up and just having classes to worry about. I’m just going to work backwards in time and talk about the relative past and how I’m feeling both in general and in relation to my exchange.


July 4th

Honestly i hate this holiday? I hate fireworks because they give me a massive head ache so nothing particularly to love. Doesn’t help I don’t care for BBQ either. Not going to say anything other than I spent the 4th lying in bed trying to block out noise.

July 3rd

Day and the week before was rough. Sam would’ve turned 16. I get upset thinking about all of the things she wanted to do not being able to happen. I get upset thinking about all of our good memories and not being able to have any more. I get upset thinking about not being able to see her face or hear her voice anymore. I stay awake till 4 or 5 am thinking and most of it is about her or my trip. She deserved better than she got and I wish I could’ve given that to her.

July 2nd

Emily’s birthday was lit. It’s nice to be able to get out of the house and see people more than just practice and school. It’s hard to break out of the stress of my trip and not worry and being able to get out makes it a lot easier. It’s easy to just sit around and stress when you just sit in bed and read a textbook and write all day. Saw Emily, Tina, and Alexis. Gonna miss all my dudes.

It’s low-key crazy that this might be my last parade. It’s strange to think that after four years its starting to be over when I thought I would have six. I can’t explain how much band has changed me as a person. Before I joined I didn’t really talk to anyone or do anything. I don’t even remember what I did all day. I’m glad I got the chance to change that though. Can’t thank the friends I’ve made enough, whether they be Nick Walters back in freshman year or torsten this year. Always will have love for them and will help  however I can.


Other foreign exchange kids have started to go home and I already miss them. Will never forget bunking with Tata and Ansin at Ancilla. Won’t forget Floor doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge or Coni and I going to rotary meetings together. Can’t wait to go to Calvin with Venla and Vilte. Also can’t wait to meet other outbounds heading out, definitely will be writing on that.